New ways to support our Kimbrose Club members

We are always looking for new ways of helping members of the Kimbrose Club, to enhance the experience they have when they are with us.

One of our team, Barry, was already trained in Dementia Care Mapping, and he has now been joined in this skill by our manager Kerry-Ann. Dementia Care Mapping is based on the work of Tom Kitwood, who looked extensively into enriched care planning and person-centred care.

Dementia care mapping puts an emphasis on looking at everything from the perspective of the person who is living with dementia. It involves looking at their behaviours, mood and level of engagement in response to what is happening.

What we have been doing is carefully observing individual members of the club, and noticing and detailing how they behave, how they feel and how engaged they are. So if, for example, we find someone is especially engaged with a particular activity, or enjoys a certain food, or sings to a piece of music, we can note this and make sure we introduce this more frequently.

This approach enhances what we are already doing, enabling us to give more individual, person-centred support.
If you would like to find out a little more about Dementia Care Mapping, or if you want to pop in and visit us at the Kimbrose Club, please get in touch.


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