Volunteer at Kimbrose Club

A call has gone out for volunteers to help with Gloucester Charities Trust’s popular Kimbrose Club, which supports people with dementia.

Our club is run by qualified staff, but we need a few extra pairs of hands to come along and chat to the club members and help with some of the activities.

Debbie Elkins is one of our volunteers and has been helping out for five years, since her aunt and uncle became members. They have since moved into a care home, but Debbie’s father Cyril, 79, who suffers from anxiety, now attends once a week.

“I love helping at the club, chatting to the members and helping with craft, it’s really rewarding,” said Debbie, who is a home help support worker with Age UK. “My Dad has been attending the club since December and really enjoys it. It gives Mum a break as well.”

Kimbrose Club runs every weekday, from 10am to 4pm and lays on a huge range of activities for the members, from craft and cooking, to bird-watching and quizzes. There are regular visitors coming in to run sessions like keep-fit or dance. The club also has a spa, where members can take a bath, or have their nails and hair done.

Members can come to the club for as many all-day or half-day sessions as they wish during the week, and transport to and from is available at either end of the day. Taster sessions are also on offer for those thinking about joining. The club isn’t free, but the charitable trust keeps fees to a minimum.

Manager Kerry-Ann Lees said the club provided an important resource for Gloucester people who have dementia, and also for their families as it gives them respite.

“We have around 18 people on any one day and our team work really hard to provide activities which will help stimulate the members and give them a great experience, while their families know they are safe and being cared for,” she said. “Recently, we borrowed a box of memorabilia from Gloucester Museum and the members had a great time looking over some of the things in it, like a washboard, a butter pat and some old-fashioned L-plates. It really provoked some fantastic memories and conversation.

“Any volunteers who come in are invaluable in helping us to support the members, just by chatting to them, or helping with lunch, or the activities.”

For more information about how to volunteer, or to join the club, please get in touch.


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