Photo Memories

Most of us have a stash of photos locked away in a box or trapped in a photo rarely seeing the light of day. At Gloucester Charities Trust (GCT) we recognise the profound impact that photographs have and their importance in helping to tell the life story of our members and residents. We have been working closely with them to put together collections of their favourite memories.

At the Kimbrose Club, Gloucester Charities Trust’s day service, we take lots of pictures of our members enjoying our wide range of activates. Rather than lock these away we display them for everyone to see on our walls and in picture books. It is always a pleasure to be able to share these new memories, not only with our club members, but also with families. We have recently discovered a picture book app and it have been a pleasure to made professional looking photo memory books for our club members and their families to enjoy.

Our staff enjoy the opportunity to spend time with our members and residents reminiscing about good times; of course with tea and cake!

For more information on how you can support a person with dementia using photos click here.

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