Our Guide to Mothering Sunday

As Mother’s Day fast approaches we all begin to wonder what we will do to treat Mum this year. You will begin to see hundreds of adverts and offers as to how you can treat Mum and sometimes you can feel under pressure and unable to make a decision.
When Mum no longer lives in her own home and needs specialist help from a residential home like Magdalen House or Guild House your options can be limited especially if Mum is not in good health. You can feel that you only have traditional options available to you, however, we know just how important it is to you to show Mum how much she is loved and appreciated. Therefore it is just as important to us which is why we have put this Mother’s Day guide of personal, unique and meaningful ideas together for you.

Breakfast in Bed
Surprise Mum with breakfast in bed. This is such a lovely yet simple surprise. You could prepare or arrange Mum’s favourite breakfast or maybe the breakfast she would have prepared for you as a child. It may have been when you were younger this was something you did as a tradition for Mum and will bring back really fond memories.

Afternoon Tea
Bring afternoon tea to Mum. You can request a private area within the home and set up your own. You will have seen many offers for this type of gift but by doing this yourself you can make it so personal and unique. You have no set menu, so you can ensure you have all of Mum’s favourites and you can decorate as you wish. We cannot think of a better way to spend the afternoon.

Spa Day
If Mum is unable to go to the spa bring the spa to Mum! Most homes will have room that be turned into a private space. You can hire therapists to come to you and provide you with treatments of your choice. There are some massage treatments that can be extremely relaxing for people who have ill health. Whatever you choice maybe this gift has the added bonus of you having some pamper time too.

Purchase Mum a new book, make Mum comfy and let her sit back, relax whilst you read to her the way you would have done when you were a child and vice versa. Reading can be so therapeutic and maybe Mum could even enjoy a glass of her favourite tipple.

Make a recording
Get all of Mum’s loved ones together and make a recording of things you want to tell her. Talk about memories and fun times. This is such a beautiful and personal gift and enables Mum to hear your voices any time she likes.

What do you do when Mum has everything? Simple – give it to someone else with her blessing.
Examples could include:-
Sponsoring a child
Sponsoring an animal
Safe water for a community or saving Honey Bees. You know Mum better than anyone what would she choose?

Photograph Album
Create an “us through the ages” photo album. It’s minimum cost and provides maximum pleasure! Just think how much happiness Mum can get out of reminiscing about the good old days.

Arrange a Skype or Face time Call
If you or other family members are unable to visit Mum on Mother’s Day do not despair as you could arrange a Skype or Face time call with the home so that Mum doesn’t have to miss out.

Whatever you decide to do for Mum we’re sure it will be just perfect! Knowing that you have thought about her will surely bring a smile to her face and a massive boost to her wellbeing.

From all of us at GCT

Happy Mother’s Day

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