The benefits of Kimbrose Club

You don’t need a good memory to have fun; that’s certainly true at the Kimbrose Club. We ensure our club members have a great day by providing many different activities all aimed at benefiting people who live with anxiety and memory difficulties. All our activities promote self esteem, help maintain residual skills and do not involve learning a new skill, as well as giving an opportunity for enjoyment, pleasure and social contact.

For example –

Craft activities…

…such as knitting help to stimulate a number of different areas in the brain, including memory and attention span. Studies have shown that these types of activities can slow down the loss of cognitive ability. Our small craft groups not only help with stimulating cognitive function, they are a good time for a natter and catch up.


…plays a big part in our day at the Kimbrose Club. Singing, in particular, can help to unlock memories and get grey matter working. Music and singing really seem to reach damaged parts of the brain in ways other forms of communication cannot. Many of our club members who have communication difficulties can often join in our singing and music sessions.

Physical activities…

… such as table tennis, carpet bowls and movement to music have many health benefits such as improved mood, improved behaviour and better sleep and can reduce the risk of falls. It has also been shown that after exercise, memory, communication and social skills are improved.

Pet therapy

We have many furry visitors at Kimbrose. Our club members really look forward to visits from therapy dogs, birds and even a friendly ferret. Pet therapies stimulate social interaction and have been shown to reduce agitation. It has also been evidenced that some people living with dementia eat more follow a dog visit.

You can find information on the websites below

Alzheimers UK
Dementia UK

Dementia Care Gloucester, Arrange a visit to Kimbrose Club

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If you would like to find out more about the Kimbrose Club, or to arrange a visit, please get in touch with our Day Services Manager Kerry-Ann Lees to have a chat.
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Finding us

Kimbrose Club is located near the city centre on main bus routes, with the railway station and the M5 motorway close by.

Our address is:
Kimbrose Club, St Margaret’s,
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Kimbrose Club is located behind our head office

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